Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 Collecting Goals and the First Decision Post

Well, as we hit that spot that the scientists like Neil DeGrasse-Tyson like to remind us is arbitrary.. 

Happy New Year... Three days ago... 

I'm not one to celebrate too much about the Christmas or New Years holidays now. Never was one for New Years. It always depressed me. The passage of time coupled with the year end retrospectives always made it a time where I would feel.. Incomplete? I've never been one to go out and get drunk, so that aspect is lost on me as well. 

But I know you're here for the card aspects here.. So while I don't like setting goals or resolutions.. 
I do have a couple goals for 2020..

1. 1978 Topps  I'm currently 29% into collecting it. It's my birth year set and I'd like to finish collecting it. I realize there are some expensive cards in it, so while completion may not be in the cards this year. even getting to 75% would be a win for me this year. That said. Anyone who has 78s let me know!!

2. Jays and Expos Collections  I'm continuing with them obviously, but I think this year I want to concentrate on the Topps Flagships for both teams. Go back to the start year for both teams and make sure I have the team sets from there. If I can complete this over the year, great!

3. Canadians Collection  Obviously keeping this one going as well. I'm also thinking about revisiting my Canadians in the Big Leagues thing I was doing for a while when I first started. 

4. One MILLION Expos  Now I know I won't get to One Million this year.. I'm barely over 11,500.
I don't know.. 30K? A Great year maybe 50K? This obviously means I need to get stuff out of my house as well.. Some stuff I've been sitting on for ages. 

5. Refocus My Collection There are some sets I'm collecting that I like.. There are some I'm collecting for the simple fact that they were there.. There are some that I'm collecting that I don't even like.. 
Well.. That last part is what this is about.. I want to go through my collection and decide if I actually Like the set.. If I do and I'm at say 50%+, I'll keep collecting it.. If I don't like the set, I'll pull my needs from it and trade off the rest.. I did find one exception to this one already though.. 

1992 Score

It's one of those sets I've been collecting on and off since 1992.. I don't know what it is.. I just can't really become too big of a fan of it.. I mean visually it's a nice card

But there's something about it that... Meh?? Realistically the only Flagship set I collected in 1992 was Donruss.. Topps' design bored me, but I ended up getting an OPC factory set. I like Pinnacle. Leaf is nice, though I like the Black Gold ones better than the Base.. Fleer was bland. Upper Deck was interesting, but it was also the same design basically three years in a row.. 

Then there's Score. The photos used are decent. Very Focused on the player involved. I don't think I'm a fan of the "Void Border" though. That band of.. Nothing... that the pictures invariably bleed into. 
The backs of the cards, I like. I like the information on the back, the stat lines giving minor league teams as well. The one thing I've always liked about Score sets are the bios. 

Sadly, this one will be one I'm going to get rid of aside from the cards I need to fill my collections. I do like one of the inserts though and will continue to collect it.. The Impact Players insert I really liked.. 

The Impact Player Inserts I'm 68/90 for completion. 


  1. I hope this year goes well with you, Mike. I picked up a set of 92 Score last year. I never cared for the design but one day the catcher cards suddenly blew my mind. Had to have it.

  2. Good luck on your 2020 goal Mike!

  3. I bought a ton of '92 Score when it was new, and really liked the design at the time, but looking back on it now, I'm really not very fond of it either!

  4. I've got a bit of '78 Topps for trade. Not sure if the link will work but I have them posted on I'm pjdionne12 in the member directory. Good luck on your goals. You should have some great baseball to watch in 2020.

    1. The link worked. I found 38 cards from the list there that I needed.. I'm on the TCDB as Mike67. Maybe we can work something out.

  5. Saw a lady with a 1992 Score factory set today at the flea market. She had a bunch of late 80's/early 90's factory baseball sets. Didn't see anything I really wanted, so never found out what she wanted for the sets.

  6. Do you have any condition requirements for the 1978s? I've got a couple dozen on your want list, but some of them are rather dinged up.

    1. Not particularly. I would rather have a beat up copy I could upgrade later than nothing..

    2. OK, cool. I might have a handful of 1978s for you (some more banged up than others). I'll check your list on TCDB.

  7. I've got a box that starts in the 300s and goes to the end of the '78 set. Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com.