Thursday, September 1, 2016

Now With.. 1983 Edition

As part of the massive trade I made earlier, I have a bunch more 1983 O Pee Chee. So let's take a look at the players who moved before the 1983 season started..

Carney Lansford was traded with Jerry King and Garry Handcock to Oakland for Tony Armas and Jeff Newman. 

Floyd Bannister signed with the White Sox as a Free Agent.

Joel Youngblood was traded to the Mets in August 1983 for Tom Gorman, but signed as a Free Agent with San Francisco.

Juan Eichelberger was traded with Broderick Perkins to the Indians for Ed Whitson.

Manny Trillo was traded with Julio Franco, Jay Baller, George Vuckovich, and Jerry Willard to Cleveland for Von Hayes

And here is Mr Hayes.

Mike Krukow was traded with C,L. Penigar and Mark Davis to San Francisco for Al Holland and Joe Morgan

Mike Torrez was traded to the Mets for a Player to be Named Later who ended up being Mike Davis, a guy who never made it out of the minors.

Randy Jones signed with the Pirates before the 1983 season, but never appeared for them.

Ron Cey was traded to the Cubs for Dan Cataline and Vance Lovelace

Steve Kemp signed as a Free Agent with the Yankees. 

Steve Mura was chosen by the White Sox as a Free Agent compensation pick. 

Tom Burgmeier signed as a Free Agent with Oakland. 

Next will be 1987.


  1. It's nice that they didn't try and do a poor airbrushing job to put new team logos on the players. that always bothers me

    1. I agree.. Oddly enough I've seen that line on a Topps product once.. 1987 Darryl Motley. Otherwise it's the airbrush jobs..