Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Collection Nearly Completed

As I sit here after midnight writing this, silently cursing the September Plague that comes with being around small children, I wanted to do a little update on a post I did last year.

*furiously checking the blog history to find the post* Well, it turns out it was the first real post on here.

In the big trade with sandyrusty I got a bunch of the 1992 Nabisco cards I needed..

I have a small booklet for cards that I'm using to house this set. 

So there is 34 of the 36 card set. The two I am missing are Damaso Garcia (Which I found on COMC.. Just have to wait till I have money) and Tony Perez.


  1. That will be pretty cool to finish! I'll keep my eye out for the Perez.

  2. I've never seen nor heard of this set and that is a shame. These cards are truly works of art - gotta love Dick Perez!

  3. They were in Shredded Wheat and Shreddies boxes in 1992 up here.

    I see them on COMC for anywhere from $1-$7.