Sunday, September 25, 2016

Adventures in Bus Driving, Plus a an Unexpected Find

Saturday was a rare work day for me. I had a charter from the college in town to the Warsaw Caves in Warsaw, Ontario. 

(As an aside, in Canada College and University are not interchangeable. Colleges tend to me more hands-on trades oriented, while University tends to be more theory based.. Plus University is more expensive..) 

So since I had time to kill while I was out there, I figured I'd take a walk around and get some pictures. 

First I'll show the ones where that pesky 1991 OPC Scott Ruskin finds its way into the photo. 

This is the information board at the parking lot inside the caves. Basically, the area is limestone and when the glaciers were melting, the water rushing by ate at the rock creating the caves system. 

They mention the temperature difference inside the caves, noting that some have ice year round. One cave is always around 0-2 Celsius, or 32-36 Fahrenheit. 

This is the beach and picnic area at the Caves along the Indian River. The river itself is fairly fast flowing but also fairly shallow in spots. 

This is a look down the other side of the beach. Over where the small island is the water is fairly shallow, maybe only a couple inches deep. 

As always I also took pictures of the area without the card. 

This was closer to that island I mentioned earlier. You can see how shallow it is here. 

People leaving little rock pile sculptures on the river. 

I had to get my hair cut and get some groceries, so I figured the best place to do all this was Walmart. To my surprise, they had a few of these sitting on the shelf. I'm almost amazed since they also had blaster boxes for Series 1, Series 2, Bunt, and Donruss. I think they may have even had a couple stray 2015s there.. SHOCKED... 

I had to buy one to see what I'd get... 

It had a package of the Leaf Babe Ruth Collection cards and a pack of 2015 Series 1 and a larger (I guess retail) pack of Series 2. 

The Lester and Benoit are parallels.. The Benoit is one of those shinies.. 

The Ferguson Jenkins Highlight of the Year card is actually a double for me. Really like the Tony Gwynn card but not the A-Rod as much.. If only because Alex Rodriguez. 

There were some nice cards though no Jays at all in this group. 

Really the only other two things are autograph and the memorabilia cards

Gary Sheffield Allen and Ginter is not a bad card. It's even from his time with the Marlins. 

And the Autograph card??

A dual Auto Mike Jacobs/Josh Willingham card. Amazingly enough, another Marlins card!

Though, I do know there's a Willingham collector out there.. 

Also, there's the obligatory message about Jose Fernandez.. 

I didn't get to see much of him being in Canada and Marlins never being shown here, but any time a young person is killed it's a horrible thing. 


  1. I'm surprised to see so much green in your photos. I figured up in Canada there would be a lot more leaves changing right now.

    That's cool you got a double autograph in your box. Plus it even has a low serial number

    1. We had a pretty bad drought most of the summer but had a fair bit of rain in Sept. It's also been fairly warm.

      It was definitely a nice pull. I almost feel like I need to become a Marlins collector but I can't on principle... Jeffrey Loria lol..

  2. I remember going to the Warsaw Caves on a whim with a friend I was visiting nearby one summer day. So much on a whim we didn't bring a flashlight. We ended up tagging along through a couple of caves with people we met there. I had a fun time.

    BTW, expect some cards in the mail soon.

  3. I envy having that kind of beautiful scenery so nearby - you don't see anything like that in the south suburbs of Chicago (or really, the midwest in general). Also, I'm glad your cards were at least in good shape - the last time I bought one of those hangers from Wal-Mart, my guaranteed hits were both damaged. Looks like it was a nice bounty though!