Saturday, September 3, 2016

Now With... 1987 Edition

The last couple posts have been about the "Now with" designation on the 1980s O Pee Chee sets. Today is the final of those I was planning, with the 1987 set.

Brian Fisher was traded with Doug Drabek and Logan Easley to the Pirates for Cecilio Guante, Rick Rhoden, and Pat Clements. 

And here we have Cecilio 

And Mr Rhoden.

Damaso Garcia and Luis Leal were traded to the Braves for Craig McMurtry..

Danny Tartabull was traded with Rick Luecken to Kansas City for Scott Bankhead, Mike Kingery, and Steve Shields. 

Dave LaPoint signed with the Cardinals as a Free Agent.

Dave Schmidt signed with the Orioles as a Free Agent.

Dennis Lamp signed with the Indians after being released by the Blue Jays. 
Now, the interesting thing is, he signed February 5. March 23, the Indians released him. In April he signed with the A's. 

Ed Vande Berg signed as a Free Agent with Cleveland. 

Eddie Milner was traded to the Giants for Timber Mead, Mike Villa, and Frank Williams. 

Gary Roenicke signed as a Free Agent with the Braves. 

Gary Ward signed as a Free Agent with the Yankees.

Greg Brock was traded by the Dodgers to the Brewers for Tim Leary and Tim Crews. 

Jerry Royster signed as a Free Agent with the White Sox.

Juan Beniquez was traded to the Royals for Jimmy Daniel and Joe Jarrell.

Kevin Mitchell was traded with Kevin Armstrong, Kevin A. Brown, Shawn Abner and Stan Jefferson to the Padres for Adam Ging, Kevin McReynolds, and Gene Walter. 

Matt Young was traded to the Dodgers for Mike Watters and Dennis Powell. 

Mike Easler was traded with Tom Barrett to the Phillies for Jeff Knox, and Charles Hudson. 
Oddly enough, in June he was traded back to the Yankees. 

Ray Knight signed with the Orioles as a Free Agent. 

Rick Burleson signed as a Free Agent with the Orioles. 

Rick Dempsey signed as a Free Agent with the Cleveland Indians.

Ron Romanick was traded with a Player to be Named Later to the Yankees for Butch Wynegar. Alan Mills was sent to complete the trade. 

Storm Davis was traded to the Padres for Terry Kennedy and Mark Williamson 

And here is Terry Kennedy. 

Tom Nieto was traded with Jeff Reardon to the Minnesota Twins for Alfredo Cardwood, Neal Heaton, Yorkis Perez, and Jeff Reed.

Vida Blue signed as a Free Agent with the Oakland A's. 
Since he didn't play for the A's in 1987, I imagine he signed to retire as a member of the team. 

So there we have it.. 

I think in general the "Now with" is a better way to handle player movement than the airbrushing Topps seems to enjoy doing. I find that airbrushed uniforms distract me from the photo itself to the point that the only thing I can see is the uniform. 

I admit some of them you can barely tell. Some of them almost scream it as loudly as possible that it's an airbrush job. 

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  1. They could have picked a better spot to place the "Now With" on the Romanick card.