Sunday, September 11, 2016

More sandyrusty Cards

As we go through September I'm featuring more of the cards I got from TCDB user sandyrusty. 

Some 1981 Topps here, all Expos. I had the Jays already, aside from one or two, I think.. I had next to zero Expos though. 

When I started following baseball, Scott Sanderson was a Cub. I hadn't realized he was around for as long as he had been at that point. 
I remember Gullickson as a Tiger near the end of his career. I believe after the Expos he went to the Astros, then to Japan, then to the Tigers. 
Ron LeFore and Rodney Scott set a record for teammates stolen bases in a season in 1980. 

Looking at the photo in the Record Breaker card for Gullickson he almost reminds me of Glenn Jacobs facially. 

Some 1982 Topps, again mainly Expos. 
Oddly enough, I really like that Bill Lee photo. The Gullickson and Parrish cards look like the photo was taken at a community field somewhere. 

Some more 1982s. The Dave McKay isn't a mistake.. I wanted that card because he's Canadian. 
We also have Jackson Todd, Jim Clancy, and Paul Mirabella. 

1983 Topps to end this post. I have the OPC version of both the Leal and Barfield cards. 

The Terry Puhl ended up becoming a duplicate, but that's fine. 

I'll cover 1984-1986 next time 

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