Sunday, September 18, 2016

1984-1986 Topps

With school back in full swing, I've been trying to get back into the routine of getting up at 5am to go drive a bus.. I think I'm almost there, but for a little bit updates may be spotty. All depends on how tired I am.. 

Anyway, 1984-1986 Topps from sandyrusty!

Much Expos here. Some I knew were Expos, some I didn't know. Some I forgot existed. (oops) 
I almost feel if Steve Rogers pitched somewhere other than Montreal, he would have been given the nickname Captain America. But he spent the entirety of his career throwing for Les Expos. 
Tim Wallach in his younger days. I still find it odd when I see him in Dodger Blue or whatever colour the Angels decided for that... Oh wait.. that's the Rangers.. Angels it's city names.. Right... Anyway. 

I hadn't heard of Greg Bargar before I received this card. *looking into Baseball Reference*
Ahhh That would be why.. He played from 1983-1986, but barely spent time in the majors until 1986 when he pitched in 22 games for the Cardinals. 

Bryn Smith was an original Rockie. Chris Speier's son Justin pitched for the Jays for a couple seasons a few years back.. In the Dark Ages of Angry Birds. 
Terry Crowley finished his career with the Expos. He mainly played for Baltimore beforehand. Honestly Doug Flynn is one that I didn't know.. Just looking him up online it seems his best years were with the Mets. 

1985 Topps. I really like this design but not as much as the 1984. 

We have here a some of the Jays and Expos I needed plus some of the Father/Son cards from that year. 
I just find these interesting. The idea that multiple generations doing the same occupation is nothing new, but rarely does it show in a trading card. I think baseball and Pro Wrestling may be the only places where lineage is played up at all. 

Vance Law ended up being an Expo. Dick Schofield Jr ended up being a Jay for about 15 minutes in 1993 before breaking his arm, necessitating the return (first of many) of Tony Fernandez to the Jays.

Some more Father/Son cards. If it wasn't for the fact I already have a couple unattainable collecting goals, I might make a Fish-based collection. Players whose last name is a fish. 
Kevin Bass, Mike Trout, Steve Trout, Dizzy Trout, Tim Salmon. 

Argenis Salazar ended up also playing for the Royals and Cubs. We have another Rogers siting to go along with Doyle Alexander. Brian Little (Baseball Reference has his name as BRYAN...) played from 1982-1986 for Montreal, Chicago White Sox, and the Yankees. 
Dan Driessen spent what amounted to 142 games with the Expos between 1984-1985. He seemed to bounce around a bit after spending 1973-1984 with the Reds. 

More Expos with Willie Aikens. 
In a way I find it odd they used red for the colour where the player's name went, but red is a colour of the Expos. 

And Buck Martinez finished off the Jays I needed for the 1985 set. 
Jim Wohlford was nearing the end of his career in 1985. He played in 1986 and called it a career. 
Tony Scott started and ended his career with the Expos. 
Terry Puhl of Melville Saskatchewan fills out the 1985s. 

So we go from a set I like the look of to a set I hate looking at.. 1986.. 
Sal Butera ended up spending time with both Canadian teams, finishing his career with Toronto. In 1986, Butera was on the Reds. 
Hubie Brooks with the Expos. He played in Montreal from 1985-1989 before going to the Dodgers, Mets, Angels, and Royals. 
Two Wallach cards join Terry Puhl on the bottom of that scan. 

Vance Law makes an appearance as an Expo as well. 

I have some O Pee Chee to go over next time. 

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