Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trade with BKIM

So around the same time I was making a massive trade with Trading Card Database member sandyrusty, I had another offer come in from member BKIM. 

Let's take a look..

Some of the Super Vet cards I highlighted a couple posts ago, a couple Expos, and Terry Puhl. There's also a Fergie Jenkins in there too. 

The Puhl cards are nice, especially the 1980 card that shows the "Tequila Sunrise" uniforms off to full effect. 

More of the Super Vets and another Fergie card. 
I ended up getting some duplicates as a result of the trades, mainly in the 1986 Topps. Only the Herm Winningham card is a new one to me.

Here are the other 1986s. Now the Kurt Kepshire card was a mistake on my part.. I wanted #258, Tim Burke, but I wrote down 256 by mistake. 

Just looking at that Mike Fitzgerald card I noticed something I hadn't before. I've never seen a team put their numbers on the sleeve. I know the Expos at the time would have on the front right side and on the back, but I hadn't seen on the sleeve before. I wonder if it was a Spring Training thing..

Thank you for the trade, BKIM! 

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