Monday, September 26, 2016

1988-1989 O Pee Chee

Featuring some more of the cards I got in the sandyrusty trade. This time it's 1988 and 1989 O Pee Chee..

Nate Minchey and Delino DeShields draft pick cards, plus Casey Candaele as an Expo. I have to say I remember him mainly as an Astro, and as the Astros infielders' pet peeve from the 1993 Studio set. 

For Jays we have Juan Beniquez, Jim Clancy and Ernie Whitt. Beniquez was in the final stages of his career with the Jays. I did not realise he played since 1971. 

John Cerutti became a broadcaster after his playing days finished, announcing Blue Jays broadcasts for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) then Rogers Sportsnet.
Jesse Barfield actually did some broadcasting as well for the CBC in the brief time they returned to broadcasting Jays games. I don't remember the Play-by-Play man for those years but Barfield and Rance Mulliniks were colour.. 

Alex Sanchez draft pick card to go along with a mix of Jays and Expos. Pascual Perez makes an appearance. 

Derek Bell draft pick and Vance Law in Expos colours but a Cub. 

Many of the same faces make up the 1989 batch. Perez, Burke, Liriano, Wallach, and Hesketh all show up again. Otis Nixon appears, as does Floyd Youmans, though I believe the blurb beside his elbow is that he is now a Phillie. 

Basically the only new face in this batch is Rob Ducey. Parrett is a Phillie by time this card was released. 
Neal Heaton has a very high leg kick in this photo. 

Jim Clancy went to the Astros before this card was released. Dopson and Rivera were Red Sox before the cards were released. 

Tracy Jones and Wil Tejada found their way to the Giants before the cards were printed. The only non-Canadian team player is a Canadian-born player: Kirk McCaskill. 

I have one final post for the sandyrusty cards. I covered some of the cards before, but now I get to say I'm two cards from having the full set. 

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