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Super Vets

It might be an odd thing, but I enjoy things like the Super Vet cards that were in the 1983 Topps and O Pee Chee sets. I also like the Now and Then cards that were in the 1993 Pinnacle set. I just think it's cool to see a player's change over the course of his career..

At the time, he was with the Expos after playing with the Pirates and Rangers. After this card, he played for the Giants, Phillies, Dodgers, and Blue Jays. His career ended with the Jays after the 1985 season. 

The photo on the 1983 side almost looks like it was taken in Shea Stadium.. I may be wrong though.

I was debating on whether or not I wanted to show the backs of all the cards, but I decided the one would be fine. 

In 1983 Bobby Murcer was with the Yankees. He started as a Yankee but then played with the Giants in 1975-1976 and the Cubs from 1977-1979 and back with the Yankees 1979 until retiring in 1983.

Bruce Sutter started with the Cubs and at the time of the card was pitching for the Cardinals. He finished his career in Atlanta in 1988. 
He was elected in the Hall of Fame in 2006 

This is part of why I like this subset.. I didn't know that Graig Nettles played for the Twins. Honestly, I only knew him as a Yankee player, so even finding out he played for Cleveland from 1970-1972 is odd. 
Now part of my not knowing this is my birth year.. I was born in 1978. But I do enjoy baseball history. 

So by 1983 Nettles had been on the Yankees since 1973. After the 1983 season, he went to San Diego until 1986, Atlanta for 1987, and Montreal in 1988. 

Bit of a comparison here between the Topps and O Pee Chee versions. Really the only difference on the front is the company name. 

This is the Topps back. Basically the same as the OPC version without the French. 

Dave Kingman started with the Giants in 1971 and in 1983 was with the Mets. To get to that point, he had a couple moves.. He went to the Mets in 1975 until 1977. 1977 he could have just lived in hotels as he played for four teams: Mets, Padres, Angels, and Yankees. 1978-1980 he was a Cub. 1981-1983 he was back in Shea. He finished his career with a stint in Oakland from 1984-1986.

Dave LaRoche, it's fair to say, travelled a little bit in his career. 
He started with the Angels in 1970. He moved to Minnesota in 1972, the Cubs in 1973, the Indians in 1975, Back to California in 1977, and New York Yankees in 1981. His final season was 1983. 

The photo on the 1983 side looks to be from a Spring Training site. 

It's funny. I associate Don Sutton with the Braves announce team more than his playing days. 

He started with the Dodgers in 1966 and stayed until 1980. He went to Houston for 1981 and part of 1982. He was in Milwaukee from 1982-1984. He spent part of 1985 in Oakland before going to the Angels until 1987 then back to the Dodgers in 1988 to finish his career. 

He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1998. 

Fergie Jenkins started in Philadelphia in 1965. By 1966 he was with the Cubs. He was with the Cubs from 1966-1973. He went to Texas for 1974-1975 then Boston in 1976-1977 before going back to Texas in 1978-1981. In 1982 he went back to the Cubs and ended his career after the 1983 season. 

He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1991 and remains the only Canadian born player enshrined. 

Gene Garber started with the Pirates in 1969. He went to the Royals in 1973 and part of 1974. He was sent to Philadelphia and was there into 1978. He stated in Atlanta until part way into 1987 where he went back to Kansas City and ended his career in 1988. 

I'm almost tempted to say that both pictures were taken in his home park at the time. Almost.,, I'm not 100% sure on either, but the one giving me the most pause is not really knowing what Forbes looked like from field level. 

Jim Kaat. We get to see a team (but not franchise) that doesn't exist anymore. 
He started with the Washington Senators that began in 1901 with the American League and moved with them to Minnesota when they moved in 1961. 
So from 1959-1973 he was with the Senators/Twins organization.
In 1973 he spent 7 games on the White Sox and was there until 1975. In 1976-1979 he was on the Phillies. The Phillies traded him part way through 1979 to the Yankees. He stayed with the Yankees for part of 1980 when he moved to the Cardinals and stayed until he finished his career at the end of 1983. 

The 1983 picture looks like it was taken in Spring Training. He also looks toothless.. 

Johnny Bench played his entire career with the Reds. His career spanned from 1967-1983. 

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989. 

Kent Tekulve played for the Pirates from 1974-1985. Part way through 1985 he was sent to Philadelphia and stayed until 1988. He finished his career in 1989 with the Reds. 

I remember watching an old VHS of MLB bloopers and he was being interviewed on the mound in Spring Training when a plane flew over. As the plane flew over he looked up, pointed his fingers like guns and "Shot the plane down" 

Lee May started his career in 1965 with the Reds and was there until 1971. From 1972-1974 he was on the Astros. From 1975-1980 he was an Oriole. He finished his career with the Royals from 1981-1982. 

I just looked up the circumstances around the 1983 side. I was thinking it was either from 1982 Spring Training or he came back as an instructor for 1983. He was hired as the Hitting Coach for 1984. 

Luis Tiant started with the Cleveland Indians in 1964 and was there until 1969. In 1970 he was on the Twins. From 1971-1978 he was on the Red Sox. He went Yankee for 1979-1980 before becoming a Pirate in 1981 and an Angel in 1982 to finish his career. 

Nolan Ryan. I think most fans already know his career progression, but for those unaware.. 

He started with the Mets in 1966. He was there until 1971. He was traded to the Angels and was there from 1972-1979. He was with Houston from 1980-1988 and with Texas from 1989-1993 when his elbow finally gave out. 

He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1999.

It almost looks like his picture from 1983 is from a High School field. 

Pete Rose spent most of his career with the Cincinnati Reds. From 1963-1986 he was a Red aside from:
1979-1983 he was a Phillie.
1984 he was an Expo for 94 games. 
He was also the last Player/Manager.
He would be in the Hall of Fame aside from poor life choices that bar him from induction. 

Phil Niekro started with the Milwaukee Braves in 1964 and moved to Atlanta with the team, staying until the end of the 1983 season. 1984 and 1985 he played for the Yankees. 1986 he was on the Indians. 1987 he split between the Indians, Blue Jays, and Braves where he ended his career. 
He was elected tot he Hall of Fame in 1997.

From the looks of it, both photos are from Spring Training. 

Reggie Smith started with the Red Sox in 1966 and was there until 1973. In 1974 he was traded to the Cardinals and was there until part way through the 1976 season. He spent the rest of 1976 with the Dodgers and was there until 1981. In 1982 he ended his MLB Career with the Giants. He played for a different Giants team from 1983-1984. This one in Yomiuri. 

Rod Carew played for the Twins from 1967-1978 then the Angels from 1979-1985. 
He was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1991. 

Rollie Fingers started with the Athletics in 1968 and played there until 1976. 
He was traded to the Padres in 1977 and was there until 1980.
He was traded to the Cardinals then almost immediately traded to the Brewers where he pitched from 1981-1985. 
After finishing in Milwaukee he was offered a contract to the Reds by Pete Rose. Going to the Reds would mean he'd have to shave his moustache off. He reportedly replied to it:
"Tell Marge Schott to shave her Saint Bernard and I'll shave my moustache"
He was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1992.

Rusty Staub started with the Houston Colt .45s in 1963 until 1968. He was traded to the Expos in 1969 where he became a cult hero despite leaving in 1971. Part of the appeal was he learned French in order to communicate with the French speaking Montreal fans. 
From 1972-1975 he was on the Mets. He was on the Tigers from 1976-1979, and also spent another 38 games with Montreal. 
In 1980 he played in Texas, then 1981-1985 he spent with the Mets.

Sparky Lyle started with the Red Sox in 1967 and stayed until 1971. 
He was traded to the Yankees, where he played from 1972-1978.
He was traded to the Rangers and was there from 1979-1980. In September of 1980 he was traded to the Phillies, where he stayed until 1982. He was purchased by the White Sox and spent the rest of 1982 with them. 

I'm not sure about either of these pictures. The 1983 one looks like it was taken in front of a backdrop of a field rather than at a stadium.. 

Ted Simmons spent 1968-1980 with the Cardinals. 
He was part of the trade that Rollie Fingers was involved with to get to the Brewers.
He played in Milwaukee from 1981-1985 then was traded to the Braves where he played from 1986-1988.

Tug McGraw pitched for the Mets from 1965-1974. He pitched for the Phillies from 1975-1984.

The 1965 photo looks like it was taken in the Shea Stadium Parking lot. The 1983 I would imagine is a Spring Training photo. 

So those are the Super Vet cards I own. Some of them came from the massive trade I made with sandyrusty. Some were from my cousin years ago.

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  1. Really nice subset. I was not familiar with these but I enjoyed seeing them anyway.