Saturday, October 1, 2016

Looking at... 1984 O Pee Chee

While looking through my cards I noticed a couple interesting things that I'd like to share. I may turn this into a semi-regular thing too..

Here we have Billy Sample. Honestly that sounds like a filler name I may need to use in future create engines on games when I have no name ready in my mind.

Anyway what drew me to this card was the logo under the "Rangers" wordmark on the front of the uniform shirt. I hadn't seen that before. I knew the Rangers used that logo but I hadn't seen it on their uniform before. In a way it fits in with some of the other teams that had logos on the front at that time period. 

I honestly don't remember what brought my eye to this one.. I do have to chuckle at the wording of the "grand slammer" 

Incidentally, Google translates the French to this:

he knocked a fantastic grand slam in the practice pen left center field at Yankee Stadium

Those uniforms.. Those Glorious Uniforms. The fact that it looks like he's on the inner grass of the infield doing his wind-up is even better. The fact it looks like it's in a small-town community park is the icing on the cake. 

Joey McLaughlin in that inset photo reminds me of former wrestling manager Downtown Bruno/Harvey Whippleman. 
If you need a comparison... 

There we go... 

In the main photo, I see more Pat Hentgen with a mustache. I'm not sure where the photo was taken. I almost want to say Tiger Stadium.. 

Clean shaven Larry Parrish showing off the Rangers logo, back when they were the Rangers, and not the Texas Texases as they are now, according to their uniforms. 

Judging from the catcher, I want to say they're playing the White Sox.. Probably in Comiskey. 

Poor Scott McGregor.. What drew me to this card was nothing about him at all. In fact, I can't stop staring at the background. Almost in a nod to what was to come in 2016, the people in the background are a blurry blob of multicoloured blotches. 

In a way, it almost looks like a background screen used when photographers want to make a scene look "sporty" 
Then again... There is that face in the inset... The blank Festus stare... 

They both look like someone's teasing them with ice cream or something.. 

Anyway, that was my look at the 1984 O Pee Chee cards I found interesting. 


  1. 1984 wasn't that long ago, yet it seems like it was with all the lame photos, thick glasses (does anyone in the MLB wear glasses anymore?) and spring training photos from your neighborhood sandlot. And I agree about Billy Sample - definitely sounds like a made-up/default name.

    1. Well it is 30+ years ago now lol

      I think most have gone to contacts if they need glasses.