Saturday, October 22, 2016

That's a Lot of Simmer

It's been a busy week. Back to driving daily again now that school's back in session by time I get home, I just don't want to think..

Anyway.. Over the summer, I received an e-mail from someone I knew back home. Her husband had passed away and had a rather large Charlie Simmer collection. She came across my blog (I made mention of Simmer a few times) and reached out to see if I wanted to purchase.

Naturally, I said yes.. I worked something out with her and I just received them in the mail Thursday.

That binder is full of different Charlie Simmer cards. Multiple copies of each card included. 

Some autographs and stick cards. Three Silver and two Gold. Also, something from Topps Vault. 

More autographs, this time from Upper Deck. 

And more autographs..

A bit of a better look at the autograph/stick cards. The Topps Vault thing looks to be a Wacky Packages style card.

This is the back of the Topps Vault thing. I find it interesting that the elements are pasted together. 

I believe this is a team set (another scan follows) of the LA Kings from All-Star Cards. 

The interesting thing about this is Steve Jensen was the only non-Canadian in the set..

So I'm a happy camper now.. I have a serious dent in my Simmer collection 


  1. That sure is one amazing collection of Simmers all in one place. Any interest in trading that Wacky Packages "CRAM" card?

  2. That's a solid collection for one player

  3. A terrific acquisition, no doubt, but I'm fascinated by the 1979 card back original from Topps Vault. In the mid-1980's I worked for my small college's newspaper, and the way we put a page together looked very much like that back of that card... The different elements were probably adhered with wax; we had a hand-held roller-ish thingie (forgive my technical terms) which melted wax and applied a bumpy wax coating to the back of the text or clip art or cartoon or whatever needed to be adhered... Wax is sticky enough to keep everything together, but not so sticky that you couldn't adjust it or just pull it off and start over.

    ...and the Charlie Simmer card back is on the other side of that CRAM sticker? Interesting.

    1. It was on the back of the CRAM sticker.

      At the same time, I now have 27 copies of some of the cards lol

    2. The back of that '79 vault does look like "paste-up" work from the 1980s! This was how we put news pages together when I was in college in the late '80s and into the early '90s when I was working at an actual paper. We didn't have any hand-held roller though. There was a device where you stored the wax with a roller on it. It was electrical. You'd feed the piece of text through the rollers to apply the wax. It seems insanely primitive now.