Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Trade Completed

Now that I'm getting back into the sorting and working on the Expos project, I've been more active on TCDB with trades. 

I received one package in today from sportzcommish. 

A couple 1971s 
The Day is the airbrushed variation. The other card has a bank of lights behind Day's ear. 
Gene Mauch. 

Some nice 1974s. I needed the Marshall/Hiller for my Canadians collection, since Hiller is from Toronto. 

Some 1975s including a Dave Pagan. Pagan is a Canadian as well. He's from Nipawin, Saskatchewan. 

Some later Expos as well here with a couple Walkers as a Rockie and Erik Bedard. 

Thank you for the trade, sportzcommish!


  1. I don't know if you've ever mentioned it, or if anybody's asked, but I'm curious to know if you're gonna have the space to house a million Expos? I have no idea how much room the would take up, but it seems like it would be quite a bit.

    1. It hasn't been asked or mentioned.. Right now I'm not worrying about it too much since it's really still a pipe dream for me.. lol There is another bedroom that isn't being used that I might be able to talk to my landlord into letting me use for this purpose until he gets around to fixing the room to actually rent out.