Thursday, May 9, 2019

1991 Score

Well, one thing I'm enjoying about this Million Expos Project and the Great Sort right now is finding out that I'm, in some cases, one card from finishing a set. 

I ordered the checklist I needed from 1992 Donruss to complete that, aside from a couple inserts I want to complete as well.. (Why, oh why did you have to put an Update set as a random insertion for retail factory sets Donruss?? Especially when you give like 6 cards in it.. Were you expecting people to purchase multiples to get the full Update set??) 

Sorry.. Bit of a rant.. Yes, Donruss did indeed produce an Update set.. It was 22 cards. They randomly inserted 6 cards into each retail (red box) factory Set.. The Hobby (Blue) got Leaf prevew cards. 

Now... Because of that.. The average cost of a Donruss Update card is $10+ 
Otherwise, I believe I just need some Diamond Kings to complete 1992.. 

But enough about that.. I'll get to that eventually.. Today I want to mention 1991 Score.. 

I'm one card away from completing the master set.. I just need one card.. 

Scott Chiamparino. Error Card... 
Says he bats left.. 

I haven't been able to find any online for sale. 

Speaking of 1991 Score. I did come across a couple cards I thought were interesting. 

The first is Greg Harris. The journeyman pitcher. Here he is throwing a bullpen session for the Red Sox.. Left handed.. 
He's right handed.. 
Actually he's ambidextrous. He'd throw left handed in the bullpen just to keep is sharp. The Red Sox never let him use it in a game, but he did end up pitching left handed in a game with the Expos..

And here it is.. Catching is Joe Siddall.. 

I don't know why.. I just love the expression on Bell's face here. I'm not sure if he's watching a long drive hit into the 500 level at SkyDome here, or if he's trying to will the ball fair.. My guess is the latter, but it's still a cool picture. 

Finally, we have Doug Dascenzo. I'm guessing the picture was taken in a game where the Cubs got blown out in order to see Dascenzo on the mound. 
Taking a quick look at his Baseball Reference Page, he pitched in 1990 and in 1991. 1 IP in 1990, 4 IP in three games in 1991.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few cards I thought were fun from 1991 Score. And.. If you have a Chiamparino error card you're willing to part with.. Let me know please!!!


  1. I remember stumbling across the Harris story while looking up Pat Venditte a few years ago. Very very cool.

    1. Very cool indeed! I remember seeing a highlight back then featuring the custom Harris baseball glove. I also remember going outside to try to throw left-handed. It's one thing to throw a gentle lollipop to someone 20 feet away, but another thing to throw it over the plate (with speed) in a major league game!

    2. I taught myself lefty pitching. The biggest thing was getting my legs to cooperate.