Friday, May 10, 2019

A Single Card Post

I recently came across a deal I couldn't resist.. 

A Robin Yount Rookie. It was $20 CDN total.. $17 plus $3 shipping. Found it on Facebook Marketplace through the First Row Collectibles FB Group. 

Now. It really doesn't fit in my collection.. And the corners are a little rough. But I looked at the listing something like 16 times before deciding to pull the trigger. 

But what's this?? It's an O Pee Chee version! 

I don't know how long this will actually stay in my collection.. I may end up sending this to a Brewers collector.. 

I just couldn't pass this up.. 


I have a question for you.

Have you ever bought/traded for a card that didn't fit your collection just because the pull was too great??


  1. I'm the nutball who considers every card ever made as potentially part of my collection, so that's never come up for me. I have bought model kits that I wouldn't have otherwise bought just because they were cheap.

  2. Yes. Though not because the player was too great. But because the card was iconic. It was the '89 Fleer Billy Ripken F--k Face card. Had to.

  3. Yeah, that card fits nowhere near any of my collection, but $20 CDN to get an OPC Yount rookie in the door would be awfully tough to ignore.

  4. Yup. All the time. Haven't purchased a non-Sharks hockey insert in years... but I saw a Gretzky a few days ago that was just too beautiful to pass up for the price.

  5. I buy stuff that doesn't fit into my collection all the time. By the by, I am of the opinion that you should keep this, I know that it's not the norm for you, but it is okay to have a few cards that aren't a part of any of your collections.