Friday, December 22, 2017

A Trade and an Adventure

It's been a while since I've had an Adventure in Bus Driving.

Most of the time, I've been driving to the same places, so nothing really worth documenting. 

Earlier this week, I brought a group to Lang Pioneer Village. I've been there with groups in the Spring, so I know the general idea for dropping off and picking up. Well.. They do it differently in Winter... 

I took a couple pictures while waiting for the group earlier this week.. These are from the parking lot. 

The Village Map from my bus

The main entrance to the village. Yes.. That's a porta-potty in the foreground.. 

One of the buildings. 

A closer look at the map. 

Now the trade...

I made a trade with TCDB member rmpaq5. He's a fellow Canadian and wanted a few cards I had available. 

This is what I received. 

After we agreed on the trade, I received a message stating there was some residue on the 1970 cards. To make up for it, he was going to throw in a couple cards from my want list. 

The Grimsley was added to the trade. It's an OPC. 

The three above were also throw-ins. Freiselben is another OPC. The Gruber is a Jays Fire Safety card.
The Velez is a 1981 scratch off.. 

Finally, a 1982 OPC Poster of Bill Gullickson

All in all, a very nice trade. Thanks!


  1. Nothing says "class" like a purple porta-potty. LOL

  2. Look at all that wonderful snow! I wish we had some. Not a single bit of snow is left on the ground, it got up to the 50s here this week and it all melted. The only white I'm likely to see on Christmas is the ice on the hockey cards I hope to receive.

  3. Wow. So. beautiful. It's been years since I've had a white Christmas. Enjoy the holidays!

    1. It'll be two weeks spent by myself.. Most likely try to get through the rest of my reorganization..