Monday, December 18, 2017

A Nice Mailday

I got home today after work to find a package in the doorway for me. I looked at it and it's from Wes, better known as JayBarkerFan. 
We've been talking on Twitter and he had some cards available. I found one card I wanted (there was another one, but it was claimed by someone else) 

I ended up getting a number of cards from him

Mark Eichhorn Canadian Greats Leaf card. Always nice to get these
I will admit, a few of these cards I've never seen before, or even really knew they existed. 
Part of it is the innumerable parallels available now. 

I believe that Rasmus is a Blue parallel.. That year there were Blue and Purple parallels.. 
The one card I was looking at is also here, in the Francisco Rios auto card..

This was also in there. 
I'm not sure if they came slabbed like this, or if this is something else entirely. This one is a Topps Pristine Refractor from 2003.
I can't quite read what's on the hologram sticker, since it's folded over the top of the slab. 
In any event, I was surprised to get them in the mail.. 

Just want to say thank you Wes!! 


  1. Nice cards! I was also fortunate enough to have some cards from Wes arrive as well.

    Yes, the Pristine Refractor came slabbed like that. I guess it is to keep it pristine! Topps is so tricky!

  2. A very solid package with some really cool parallels!