Saturday, April 2, 2016

Played for Both II

In my post about the 1977 Jays, I mentioned Pete Vuckovich playing for both the Brewers and the Jays. That got me to thinking about going over the players who suited up for both teams.

Jays: 2003-2006
Brewers: 2009

First is Frank Catalanotto, or as I like to refer to him as, the Human Grounder to Second Machine.

He played 466 games for Toronto and 77 for Milwaukee. He was released by Texas on April 1, 2009 and signed with Milwaukee May 12.


Toronto: 1977-1979
Milwaukee: 1986

Cerone was definitely considered a journeyman player. He ended up playing for both Canadian teams, both New York teams, Both Native American named teams (Indians and Braves), as well as a stay in Boston.

He played 255 games for Toronto and 68 for Milwaukee. In both cases he was traded to the teams highlighted in this post. In 1976 he was traded from the Indians to the Jays, and in 1986, traded from the Braves to the Brewers. (actually that's another interesting parallel...)

Toronto: 2007
Milwaukee: 2003

He played 69 games for Toronto and 146 for Milwaukee. In both cases he was signed as a free agent.

While in Milwaukee he was more of an every day player while he was in his final season in the majors while with Toronto. He ended up getting released in August and signed with Boston to finish the season.

Toronto: 1983-1990, 1993, 1998-1999, 2001
Milwaukee: 2001

Tony Fernandez spent four tenures with the Jays. He was traded by the Jays to the Padres in the famous trade that brought Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar to Toronto. He came back in 1993 after Dick Schofield broke his arm. He signed as a free agent in 1998 and then again in 2001 after he was released by Milwaukee..

So he spent 1250 games with Toronto over 12 years, 28 with Milwaukee in 1 season.

Toronto: 1993
Milwaukee: 1997-1998

He played 46 games for Toronto and 140 for Milwaukee.

The Jays traded for him in Spring Training, giving up Derek Bell to get him. They traded him to New York in June to get Tony Fernandez. He was traded from the Twins to the Brewers in 1997 and then resigned for 1998.

There really isn't much to say about him.. He was rather forgettable in Toronto. I didn't know he played for Milwaukee, to be honest.

Toronto: 1978-1979
Milwaukee: 1973-1978

Ahh Tim Johnson.. He's probably best known for making up the Vietnam War stories he used to motivate the Jays when he managed the team in 1998.

As a player, he played 405 games for Milwaukee and 111 for Toronto.

I would say he was pretty much a typical 1970s-1980s middle infielder. Didn't hit much, no power at all.

He was before my time in scope of interest in baseball. To be truthful, when he played for Toronto, I was a newborn and a toddler lol.

Toronto: 2005
Milwaukee: 2006

He played 97 games for Toronto, 76 in Milwaukee.

The Jays actually traded Koskie to the Brewers, getting Brian Wolfe back.

He ended up dealing with injuries both seasons and ended up retiring in 2009 to ensure he had his health.

Toronto: 2006-2014
Milwaukee: 2015

He played 953 games in Toronto and 142 in Milwaukee.

The Jays drafted Lind as an amateur and played decently for a few years. Injuries and difficulty against lefty pitching made him a frustration to Jays fans.
He was traded to the Brewers for Marco Estrada.

He is now in Seattle after being traded for a group of minor leaguers.

Toronto: 2001-2002
Milwaukee: 2009, 2011

He played 134 games for Toronto and 89 for Milwaukee.

Lopez was part of a four team trade, moving him to the Reds. Really the only names moved in that were Erubiel Durazo and Elmer Dessens.

He was traded by the Diamondbacks to Milwaukee in July 2009. After leaving and bouncing around more, he was purchased by the Brewers again in 2011..

Apparently he was trying to make a comeback this spring. I don't know if anyone took a flyer on him or not.

Toronto: 1991-1992, 1995
Milwaukee: 1991

He played 250 games for Toronto, including being on the World Series winning team in 1992. He played 34 games for Milwaukee.

He signed as a free agent in 1991 with Milwaukee but then was traded to the Jays August 9 for William Suero and a minor leaguer.

He was signed again by the Jays in 1995.

Toronto: 1981-1986
Milwaukee: 1978-1980

Martinez played 454 games for Toronto and 234 for Milwaukee.

Milwaukee traded Martinez to the Jays for Gil Kubski.

Martinez was primarily a platoon catcher, splitting time in Toronto with Ernie Whitt.
He's probably best known from his playing days for the double play he was part of after breaking his leg in a home plate collision. The play was a 9-2-7-2 double play.. He tagged out Phil Bradley where he broke his leg then threw the ball wildly to get Gorman Thomas. Thomas was tagged out at home by Martinez after catching the throw from George Bell in Left..

Currently, Martinez does the TV broadcasts for the Blue Jays with fellow former Jay Pat Tabler.


Obviously no list would be complete without this guy.. Paul Molitor..

Toronto; 1993-1995
Milwaukee: 1978-1992

Molitor played 1856 games for Milwaukee and 405 for Toronto in his career. Really there is nothing else that can be said that hasn't been for this guy. He's a Hall of Famer, a World Series Champion and Series MVP. While I am a Jays fan and I'm happy he was a Jay, he still looks odd in anything but the Brewers uniform. I'm still adjusting to him as the Twins' manager.


Toronto: 1987
Milwaukee: 1973-1986

He played 1283 games for Milwaukee and 51 for Toronto. I thought it would be best to use the 1987 cards for him here. The Base set has him as a Brewer while the Traded set has him in the Jays uniform.

There really isn't much I can say about him. He was a 1980s catcher. Aside from the two or three superstars, most were rather forgettable.

Toronto: 1977-1978
Milwaukee: 1978-1979

He played 31 games for Toronto, 4 for Milwaukee..

Now taking a look at the uniform, I'm just noticing that the photo was taken in 1977 on the road. That was the only year the Jays didn't have the white stripe in the middle of the letters.

He was purchased by the Jays from the White Sox in 1977. In April 1978 he was traded to Milwaukee for Tim Johnson.

Pretty much everything I said about Johnson's ability is indicative of Nordbrook as well. He was a bench warmer that swung a bat made of Swiss cheese there were so many holes..

Toronto: 1996-1997
Milwaukee: 1987-1990

He played 158 games for Milwaukee and 178 for Toronto.

It looks like O'Brien was mainly a backup catcher for his career. The only time he played more than 100 games was with Toronto in 1996.

O'Brien pioneered the hockey style catchers mask while playing for the Jays. The idea came to him after watching a hockey game (possibly a Leafs game, since Toronto is the centre of the Hockey Universe :P)

Toronto: 2006-2010
Milwaukee: 2004-2005, 2014

Overbay played 723 games for Toronto and 438 for Milwaukee.

Overbay came to the Jays from the Brewers in a trade. Overbay and Ty Taubenheim for Dave Bush, Gabe Gross and Zach Jackson. He went back to Milwaukee in 2014 as a free agent.

Toronto: 2004-2005
Milwaukee; 2006-2008

Speaking of Gabe Gross, here he is..

He played 84 games for Toronto and 226 for Milwaukee.

I don't really have much memory of him, since he played 84 games over two seasons.

Toronto: 1977-1980
Milwaukee: 1981-1984

He played 516 games for Toronto and 311 for Milwaukee.

The Jays got him from the Rangers in May of 1977. He signed with the Brewers as a Free Agent in 1981.

In September 1977 in a game against the eventual World Series Champion New York Yankees, he drove in 9 runs to set a team record that still stands, though Edwin Encarnacion has tied it.

Howell was part of the Brewers teams that made the post season.


Toronto: 1991
Milwaukee: 1990

Parker played 157 games for Milwaukee and 13 for Toronto.

By time he made it to Milwaukee and Toronto, he was nearing the end of his career. He was primarily a Designated Hitter. He signed with Milwaukee as a free agent before the 1990 season. He was traded to the Angels in 1991 for Dante Bichette. He was released near the end of the season and the Jays signed him in September for a little veteran presence before the playoffs, though he wouldn't be eligible to play once the post season started.

Toronto: 1994-1997
Milwaukee: 2001

Robert Perez played 144 games for Toronto and 2 for Milwaukee.

Perez was best described as a Quadruple A player.. A little too good for the minors but not good enough for everyday play in the Majors.

2001 was his last shot in the Majors, but he was active until 2014, playing in the Venezuelan Winter League.

Toronto: 1977
Milwaukee: 1970-1971

He played 3 games for Toronto, 151 for the Brewers.

He spent a couple games with the Milwaukee Braves previously. He was traded to the Brewers from the Oakland A's in January 1970. He was traded to the Jays in October 1976 from the White Sox.

Interestingly enough, Roof was the first player ever acquired by the Jays, two weeks before the expansion draft. The deal with Chicago was for a player to be named later.

(I don't have him as either a Brewer or a Blue Jay.. Just an Expo or an Athletic.. For my purposes this works)

Toronto: 2007-2008
Milwaukee: 2002

He played 230 games for Toronto and 107 for Milwaukee.

Stairs bounced around a lot.. A lot... He played for 12 teams over his career. (I count the Nationals a completely different team than the Expos.. They like to selectively pick what parts of the franchise history they use, but I say once they moved and changed names, they are not the same team..)

In both cases, he signed as a free agent..

Toronto: 1991-1993
Milwaukee: 1994-1996

He played 98 games for Toronto and 189 for Milwaukee.

The Jays got him as part of the Tom Candiotti trade that sent Denis Boucher, Glenallen Hill and Mark Whiten to the Indians.

Milwaukee picked up Ward after the Jays waived him. He was a decent fourth outfielder.

Toronto: 1991-1995
Milwaukee: 2001

White played 656 games for Toronto, 126 for Milwaukee.

White is probably best known for the catch in centre field in the 1992 World Series to start the Triple Play that Wasn't.

I honestly forgot that Devo played for the Brewers his final season. More interesting, he was acquired for Marquis Grissom.
He came to the Jays in a Trade as well. He came with Willie Fraser and Marcus Moore for Junior Felix, Luis Sojo and a minor leaguer.

Toronto: 2004-2008
Milwaukee: 2010

Zaun played 535 games for Toronto and 28 for Milwaukee,

Zaun was a fan favourite in Toronto. He had a group of fans called the Zaunbies.

His final season was with Milwaukee. He signed with the Padres for 2011 but retired. In retirement, he's been with Rogers Sportsnet here in Canada doing analysis, first for MLB on Sportsnet then with the Jays.

His style evokes another Canadian sport icon in Don Cherry. In both cases they are outspoken and wear loud suits.

Toronto: 1991-1992
Milwaukee: 1999

The final guy for this post is Eddie Zosky... Any Brewers fans that happen to be reading this... I'm sorry... From Jays fans everywhere... I'm sorry you had him on your team....

He played 26 games for Toronto, 8 for Milwaukee.

All I can really say is he was hyped in Toronto to be the next great shortstop and he instead was a black hole..

That's it for this post.. Next will have the pitchers who have played for both the Blue Birds and the Brew Crew.


  1. Interesting post, Mike. In all seriousness, I wasn't aware that half these guys played with Milwaukee.

    That said, you've given Charlie Moore a bit of a short shrift. He wasn't just a catcher. Of all places for a guy who never really had much power to play, the Brewers had him as their main _right fielder_ on the 1982 World Series team. As Ted Simmons became less able to catch, Moore went back behind the plate.

    1. You're probably right on the short change.. He's just not a name that came to mind when I think of 80s catchers..

      There were guys I didn't know played for Milwaukee lol. I didn't know Fernandez was a Brewer.. I wanted to do these as a little history lesson, I guess.. I plan on doing others in the future