Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cards II

Well a continuation of the batch of cards I got from Richard from Toronto Blue Jays Cards.

So to start off the second batch, we have some 1981. Expos including Ron LeFlore, who was an Expo for one season. We also have Reggie Cleveland from Swift Current Saskatchewan. 

For whatever reason, I keep mixing up Joey McLaughlin and Andy McGaffigan in my head. McLaughlin played for the Jays, McGaffigan for the Expos. 

More 1981 goodness here. Mike Barlow seems surprised someone wants to take a picture of him. 

Danny Ainge, who had a better career as a NBA player, was drafted by the Jays.
The Ainge, Roy Lee Jackson, and Buck Martinez threw me off because they were numbered higher than the final card in the set.. Turns out 1981 Topps simply continued the numbering on the Traded set.


  1. At some point I want to hunt down copies of the baseball cards of players who also played in the NBA. I didn't know they existed back in the days when we had card shows or else I might have already. Interesting mustache Dennis Lamp has there...

    1. Dennis Lamp definitely had the Hulk Hogan mustache going..
      I remember there being some issues between the Jays and the Boston Celtics when Ainge wanted to play basketball. I think he made the right choice though

    2. I threw some cards TheCardPapoy's way last year and he was immediately drawn to the 'staches as well. You can even see more of Dennis Lamp in the blog posts...If I wasn't afraid of all of the Dennis Lamp cardboard that might land in my mailbox, DennisLampsMustache would become a blog ;)

    3. Jim Gott had a pretty good one going in 1985 too.