Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ringing in the New Year

Today is the final day of 2015. I'm rather glad it's over.

On the bright side, I received a package in the mail today filling some of the missing cards in my 1992 Donruss set.

I love the Diamond Kings cards. Absolutely love them. I preferred when they were part of the base set, but this was also the first year they were designed differently than the base set. 

Here I got three. Two I never had before. I'm sure I had the Bagwell at one time before I had a bunch of these cards turn into a brick.. 

Some of the base cards I was missing. I have a love/hate relationship with checklist cards. Some of them were bland like this one. Others were nice because they had an image on them. There are a couple sets I'm a couple cards short of being complete because I got rid of the checklist cards when I was younger. 

Of course, a couple cards lead me into a debate with myself. On the sets I'm collecting, do I want to get duplicates of certain cards to put into my other binders.. For example: The Grissom would go into my Expos binder if I wasn't collecting the 1992 set. The Kevin Reimer would go into my Canadian binder. 

So, fellow bloggers/readers/collectors... Do you get duplicates in this situation in order to have it in the set plus in a place to show, or do you get the one and know you have it in the set? Or do you collect the set and separate the cards for binders? 


  1. Once I go for completing a set, I do tend to look for a duplicate to sit outside of the completed set and be included in my Jays binders. If I am not going for the complete set, obviously the cards are in my Jays binders until that changes.

  2. It kind of depends. If I have the complete set, I do prefer to display at least one team from it in the yearly binder. But for a frankenset, I'll only use duplicates.