Sunday, December 6, 2015

1986 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety

Starting in 1984, The Blue Jays, along with different community and government organizations, put out a Fire Safety set. 

Generally, the partners have been a newspaper (Toronto Sun in 1984, Star since), The Toronto Fire Department, The Ministry of the Solicitor General, and a random product or store. 

 The whole set was rather plain. The first few years are blue or white and the photo was posed in front of a blue screen..

The cardstock is rather thin, but at the same time, I enjoy these sets.

 The backs were also plain. A few stats and a fire safety tip. The Trademark lines seem to take a third of the card


  1. Great set! I wonder if the players, and Gaston, really said those things. ;)

    I love oddball cards. I just picked up a Police set of 1979 Seattle Seahawks because I couldn't imagine it not being in someone's collection. Now I'll have to find someone to send it to.

    1. I wonder that myself, to be honest.. lol Some of them are really cheesy... I have a couple years of them but I want to get more..

    2. Hi Mike--Let me know what other years you need--I have a few---Brantford here