Sunday, December 13, 2015


Today is something different.. I know this is a baseball card blog, but it's also MY baseball card blog, so I'm doing something different today :)

As a collector of Canadian born baseball players, it's a lot tougher to do the same in the NHL. So, as a result, I decided to collect the two players who have made the NHL from my hometown that have cards made of them.

There are two: Charlie Simmer and Aaron MacKenzie.

 I have a few Charlie Simmer cards. Here are a few of the few. :)

Now. Terrace Bay is a small town on the north shore of Lake Superior, almost 300 KM from Thunder Bay. Small towns being what they are, everyone knows everyone. The funny thing is, when I was younger, I didn't realize he was an NHL player or anything else really.

I remember when I was in university, he appeared on a show on TSN (basically the Canadian version of ESPN) talking about his career. One thing that came up was that just before he stuck in the NHL, he was planning on going back to Terrace Bay to work in the mill.

My Charlie Simmer wantlist.

The other is Aaron MacKenzie. He only played a couple games for the Colorado Avalanche, but has some cards made. I have none of them, unfortunately.

Well, that's the tangent for today.. I'll be back to baseball next time.. :)


  1. When I started Cardboard History I had no idea that I'd ever cover hockey, baseball, football or any of the other sports I don't focus on. Now I've got plans for something like 400 hockey posts and over 100 baseball and football each. Things sure can change quickly in this hobby! Not a single person born in my hometown have played professional sports...but two people who lived here and considered it home made the MLB. One was in the late 1800s. I will do a post about him if I can ever track down a card of him. There was a competitor at the London Olympics who is from here but she was not included in the Topps Olympic set.

    1. There is one more from Terrace Bay who never had a card made.. So I didn't include him lol..
      So I guess it'll go the way it goes..