Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Process and a Million Expos Update

So, I figured I'd give a little look behind the scenes on the process I'm using for the Expos Frankenset.. 

So when I started the Million Expos project (and let's face it, the Frankenset is tied to it...) I started entering everything into a spreadsheet using OpenOffice. 

So I made a spreadsheet using Year, Company, Card Number, Player, Set, Team, Canadian, Duplicate
as the headings.. 

So for example, if I had 5 1990 Topps Larry Walker, I'd have one in the Set, One in the Team Binder, One in the Canadians, and Two in the Duplicates.. 

I did it this way to make it easier to remember where my Expos cards were.. I'm thinking about experimenting with the Collections features on the TCDB now, but I won't be entering the Million Expos Project cards into there..

For the Frankenset, I've been using the find feature on the spreadsheet to see if I have a card with that number. If I do, I see what cards I have with it and decide what one I'd like to use. If I don't, my next step is to go to the Trading Card Database

So there's the "Team" collection page. In there is Filters.. 

So for my purposes, I'm looking for card numbers.. I use the card number pull down tab and scroll to the number I want and click Apply. If there's cards with that number fitting the search (Montreal Expos, Card Number) they will show up. 

So far, I've come across four numbers without cards listed for them. 

This brings me to another question.. 

What would you do in that situation? Would you consider it cheating to fill those holes with say, Fleer Stickers, or Upper Deck Hologram Cards, or other "NNO" cards? 
Would you leave them empty? I mean for the most part those doing Frankensets can because the team still exists and has cards being produced.. My team... Not so much... 

So what would you do? Would you fill those holes with NNO cards or would you leave them empty, forever knowing you'll never get actual cards for those spots? 

Speaking of my Million Expos Project.... 

I wanted to update with new numbers for my current total. 

11512 cards to date!

So let me know what you'd do with the issue I mentioned.. 


  1. Tough call. I like the idea of using Fleer team logo stickers or UD holograms to fill in those spots. But ultimately it's your set... which means your call.

    1. True enough.. I think, depending on how many I'm missing, will use stickers or holograms.. I may throw the odd NNO card in..

  2. Bring the problem up with Topps and see if they can make an Expo card numbered as you need. Topps is so desperate for making any card possible, why not give them a reason.

  3. Have you double checked those numbers on COMC? The TCDB seems to still be missing a lot of things, so it wouldn't hurt to double check with another source. And even if there aren't cards for those numbers right now, who knows, they could still get made at some point, I mean Topps just did some Expos stuff this year, who's to say that they won't do any more in the future?

    P.S. How are you doing with the pneumonia, is it getting any better yet?

    1. I'm pretty well over the pneumonia. Now I'm fighting my year end depression and wanting to spend money I cant afford to..
      What I was doing was cross referencing between TCDB and Sportlots/COMC.
      I can hope Topps continues to put Archives Expos out..

    2. But to answer the question fully, no I didn't think about going through and filtering those card numbers on COMC

    3. That's good to hear about the physical improvement, that depression though, it's just one of those things that you're gonna have to power through... I know!

      As far as your missing cards go, another idea occurred to me, after my previous comment was published of course, what about seeing if someone like Gavin could make you a couple of customs? You could either keep them in your set permanently, or just keep them in there until a card company gets around to producing an Expo with that number.