Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 63 and 64

This Christmas Eve is showing another two pages of the Expos Frankenset. 
I came across a missed number in one of the scans I did (I corrected it before I posted) but it gave me the idea to put placeholders in where I'm missing cards.. 

Page 63

Card 559 is a 1990 OPC Andy McGaffigan
Card 560 is a 1989 Topps Tim Raines
561 is MISSING
562 is MISSING
Card 563 is a 2004 Topps Total Zach Day
564 is MISSING
565 is MISSING
566 is a 1992 Topps Bill Sampen
567 is MISSING

Page 64

Card 568 is a 1974 Topps Mike Torrez. I'm wondering where this was taken...
Card 569 is a 1991 Donruss Kevin Gross
Card 570 is a 1993 Topps Gold Tim Wallach
Card 571 is a 1992 Donruss Bill Sampen
Card 572 is a 1992 Pinnacle Moises Alou
573 is MISSING
Card 574 is a 1989 Donruss Tracy Jones
575 is MISSING
Card 576 is a 1986 Topps Expos Leaders 

I went back and filled all the holes with card numbers to know where the cards will go when I finally get them..