Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 53 and 54

Counting down to two weeks off.. 

Also counting down: The Expos Frankenset.. Though, I guess we're counting up with it... 

Pages 53 and 54 today

Page 53: 
Card 469 is MISSING
Card 470 is a 1991 Leaf Eric Bullock
Card 471 is MISSING
Card 472 is a 1986 Topps Joe Hesketh 
Card 473 is a 1992 Fleer Brian Barnes
Card 474 is a 1992 Upper Deck Andres Galarraga
Card 475 is MISSING
Card 476 is MISSING
Card 477 is a 1992 Fleer Jeff Fassero

Page 54

Card 478 is MISSING
Card 479 is a 1980 Topps Expos Team Card
Card 480 is a 1989 Upper Deck Otis Nixon
Card 481 is a 1993 Upper Deck teammates card.
Featured on the card are Grissom, DeShields, Dennis Martinez, and Larry Walker. 
Card 482 is MISSING
Card 483 is 1991 Topps Mike Aldrete
Card 484 is a 1993 Donruss Kent Bottenfield
Card 485 is a 1989 Topps Hubie Brooks
Card 486 is a 1996 Donruss Yamil Benitez

I have a number of cards coming in for the Frankenset in January. I'm also making a list of targeted cards I want for the Frankenset and will be picking them off as I have the money to do so.. 

I'm almost tempted to do a "Wanted" list for the Frankenset.. 


  1. The teammates card is just another reason 1993 Upper Deck was such an awesome set.

    1. Indeed. I loved those cards. Though this makes me realize I need another for Walker lol