Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Secret Santa Revealed

Well, today is a rare two post day. 

I wanted to post my Hobby Secret Santa gift today since I don't plan on being around anything or anyone tomorrow.. 

So my Secret Santa gift was wrapped in a nice Penguin wrapping paper (Penguins, by the way, are my favourite animal!) 

Inside? What wonders greeted me... 

So this was the card with it.. 
For some reason, I believe we've interacted before.. I'm not sure where. Possibly on blogs, or on TCDB, or somewhere.. 

This is my first Barry Cort card now. It's a 1975 TCMA Burlington Bees card. Since he's Canadian, he goes into my Canadians binder. 
The George Selkirk is from a 1983 set. It's an oversized card so it won't go in like a normal card.. I'll have to figure out something. 
Larry Walker gets added to the Expos inventory. Since that's the first copy of that card I've gotten, it'll go into the Expos Stadium Club Binder. 
Corey Koskie and Kevin Witt make appearances as well. Duane Ward.. 
I love those Upper Deck Holograms.. I already have one, but it adds to my project for sure.. 

Ugueth Urbina and Fernando Tatis make appearances as well.. I didn't have these cards before hand. 

Another Urbina for the project. 
Metz Baking Joe Carter still wrapped.. I'm debating whether or not I want to keep it that way.. 

Finally, what could possibly be the best card out of this (though the Cort is likely the rarest) 1972 Fergie Jenkins!

Can never go wrong with Fergie!

Thank you for the wonderful cards!


  1. That Barry Cort is a really neat looking card, old minor league stuff is always fun. I've never seen one of the Metz Baking cards still in the wrapper, I'm glad that I don't have to make the decision of whether to open it or not though, as I always feel like I end up choosing wrong on things like that.

    1. I found out about Barry Cort through Tony at Off Hiatus with his Meet The Brewers series he did..
      Love minor league stuff in general, old minor league stuff even better, I agree..
      I might keep it in the wrapper.. I doubt I'll get another one, but why not? I have a bunch of the 1991 Post Canadian cereal cards still in wrapper.. Mind you, 90% of them are Kevin Maas, but...

  2. Nice variety here, and a '72 Fergie to cap it off. Merry Christmas Mike!

    1. Fergie cards are always welcome for sure..
      I'm hoping that in a couple weeks he won't be the only Canadian in the HOF