Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Expos Frankenset Pages 43 and 44

Today I'm bringing another two pages

Card 379 is a 1994 Stadium Club Jeff Fassero
Card 380 is a 1989 Upper Deck Nelson Santovenia
Card 381 is a 1989 Fleer Randy Johnson
Card 382 is a 1996 Topps Rondell White
Card 383 is a 1991 Upper Deck Scott Ruskin
Card 384 is a 1997 Collector's Choice Matt Wagner
Card 385 is a 1991 Upper Deck Dennis Martinez.
Card 386 is a 1982 Topps Jerry White
Card 387 is a 1989 Fleer Otis Nixon. 

It's kind of nice to get an Otis Nixon Expos card in here. 

Page 44 

Card 388 is a 1996 Pinnacle FP Santangelo
Card 389 is a 1989 Fleer Jeff Parrett
Card 390 is a 1991 Score Rondell White
I'm not sure why, but I really liked the First Round Draft pick cards from Score
Card 391 is a 1975 Topps Don DeMola
Card 392 is a 1993 Upper Deck John Wetteland
Card 393 is a 1984 Topps Gary Carter All Star
Card 394 is a 1992 Topps Dennis Martinez All Star
Card 395 and 396 are MISSING


  1. At this point it's nice when something like the '75 DeMola breaks up all the 80s/90s stuff.

    1980 Topps Ellis Valentine should be gettable for #395.

  2. Agree with Brett on the '75 DeMola. Dan Driessen's 1985 Fleer card is #396. I didn't even know that he played for the Expos. The Reds are the only team I ever associate him with.