Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trade Bait: 1981 Donruss

As much as I would love to collect everything out there, I know it's an impossible dream. In fact with the number of parallels and short prints and variations out there now, it's more of a nightmare. 

That said, I came across a small group of 1981 Donruss that are non-Jay/Expo/Canadian that I really don't have a use for. I don't see myself collecting the set. So if anyone sees anything they want/need, let me know.. We may work something out.


  1. Well, gee whiz, too bad I completed this set earlier this year.

  2. I could use the following:

    Greg Luzinski, Bob Lacey, Bob Boone, Ted Cox, Manny Mota, George Frazier, Jamie Quirk and Dwayne Murphy.

    If you go to the TCDB and look for dicefoot in the member directory you will find many Expos, Jays and Canadians that you need. Hopefully we can work out a trade.