Friday, December 2, 2016

Legends in Score

I've been covering a fair bit of 1991-1992 Score here recently. I find there's a fair number of interesting cards in those sets to go over.. 
Today is no exception.. I recall seeing one of these cards when I was collecting them in 1992, but I found some more in the big boxes o' cards I bought. 

I just took a quick look on the Trading Card Database and found out I have all five of the memorial cards made for the 1992 set. 

Babe Ruth is featured for obvious reasons. I like the layout of the front with the uniform and a couple cards laid out on top. 

Honus Wagner. Between the time of the card and now, the price of the T206 Wagner has gone up quite a bit. 

Lou Gehrig is another great choice to be featured. 
I like how they show more than just the Yankee uniform for him. 

Satchel Paige is definitely a character. 
It's nice seeing the St. Louis Browns uniform featured. 

Finally, Ty Cobb. 

It's rather fitting his features many bats and his cleats..

I just wanted to show off something I thought was cool tonight. I really don't have much to say as I'm recovering from pneumonia and really just want to sleep lol


  1. Had that Satchel when I was a kid and it was always one of my favorites. This subset presents such an interesting execution of an oft-treaded subject. Major points for creativity on this one.

  2. Really nicely done tributes. I had never seen them before...

  3. Very cool. Like Mr Kingsley these were new to me. They are classy and with things hidden in plain sight to look for, reminds me of the Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club album, or Oasis' Be Here Now.