Monday, December 12, 2016

Stormy Nights

Today was the first Snow Day since I started driving a school bus. It doesn't look bad out there now, but I imagine the roads were bad enough this morning that the company looking after the routes decided to not have the companies put buses out today.

This is the view out my front door today at noon. It's now freezing rain outside so.. 

I don't think we got the 10-15 cm of snow they called for last night but I don't mind getting a little extra sleep. 

Of course.. What does this have to do with cards, you're thinking.. 

I'm glad you asked

JT Snow!

STORM Davis!

Yes, I went for the bad puns... No I don't care :P 


  1. Bad puns are always a good choice! Enjoy your JT Snow Storm Davis day.

    1. Thank you!
      This was something that popped into my head the second I was told work was cancelled today.

      This has me wondering... Are there any other Weather related names/nicknames in Baseball??

  2. I'm with Tony. I've never met a bad pun I didn't like.