Friday, December 30, 2016

Repack Goodness??

I bought another one of those repacks with an autograph and relic card in them. It also had three packs, including a "fat pack" 

So let's see what I got..

2008 Topps Chrome. There are four cards in the pack. These are the four I got. 

More of the Leaf Babe Ruth set. These are interesting, but really something I don't think I'd collect.

These have been covered quite a bit elsewhere so I won't say much about the style of the card or the fact that some of these guys really don't come close to representing the player depicted. 

The Adrian Gonzalez looks odd to me.. Almost Sumo-Wrestler like.. 

Here we have some disembodied torsos to go along with glamour photos and some baseball poses. 

In a way, some of these look like they would be at home in some of the cartoons on the Cartoon Network.

Cano looks like a reject from Archer here.. 

More interesting ones.. 

Does Mr Castro look like Mr Castro in this card?
Starlin looks really odd.. I don't know. 

Finally, we reach the end of the Triple Play cards.. Including... A Triple Play Card.. 
We also have RA Dickey and an Alex Gordon that's possibly trying to steal my soul.. 

Look at that... Just... Staring... Staring a hole through the holder of the card... 

Those dead eyes looking deep into your soul... 
I.... I can't look away......

Ok... Now we're past the Alex Gordon card... This was the autograph I received.. 
Since Bowman doesn't seem to like first names, I had to look at the back to find out Sanchez's name is Victor. 

And apparently this Danny Espinosa relic is also a Rookie Card.. 

In general, not the best of packs. But at the same time, I enjoyed opening different product I don't normally get a chance to open.. 

If anyone sees anything they want/need, let me know.. We can work something out.. 

And just remember... 

Alex Gordon is watching... 


  1. Those Triple Play cards are awful - and they're everywhere! I got stuck with a few in my repacks. At least you found a way to make them entertaining (and scary...)

    1. I think aside from the Dickey card I may end up tossing them. I don't know

  2. Wow - that was a disappointing repack, sorry it wasn't better. I have gone back and forth on picking one of those up, but given the packs you got, I will continue to stay away for the time being.

    1. Well it was not the best one for sure. I'd try one more though before I say never again.. if only for the fact I'm a suckers for punishment.

  3. I would have loved this re-pack! I love all cards 2008 Topps and the autograph was of a former Mariner.

    I don't know if I like Alex Gordon watching me though...