Friday, July 17, 2020

Trades and Purchases

Today I want to cover a few acquisitions. 

The first one... I don't remember who sent them.. If they were a trade or what.. 

But here we are. A Derek Bell Gold Winner, a Nate Pearson Camo parallel, and a Russ Adams 

This batch is from a TCDB trade with user refmichel. A nice bunch of 1986 OPC Jays goodness. This puts me 7 cards away from the full team set. 

Finally, is a purchase from Yashark on Twitter. I honestly don't recall exactly what I purchased from them, but I got some nice cards back for sure. 
The Donruss cards are nice and shiny, almost hard to look at in hand, but they look nice in the scan!
The Donaldson Bowman is a Purple parallel.. 
When I rant about parallels it's usually about things like this.. Bowman had 12 parallel sets in 2016. 
One year I looked at had multiple parallels of the same colour, but slightly different shades. 

Donruss Optic Cal Quantrill! This is a parallel as well. I want to say stars? 
Jeff Hoffman was part of the trade that brought LaTroy Hawkins and some Troy Tulowitzki guy to Toronto.. 
Finally.. A Bowman International Chris Widger. This one looked MUCH better in hand than scanned. 

Thank you all for the cards!

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