Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A Pennysleeves PWE

I received a PWE in the mail today from Jon at A Pennysleeve for Your Thoughts. 

Recently he was doing the Free Cards Friday thing, where he had a bunch of cards up for people to claim for free.. I was late for a few of the cards I wanted, but that happens. I did however, claim one card. 

It was a Fleer Greats of the Game Dennis Martinez. Have to go with Expos whenever possible, right? 

Well, because I claimed only one card, he was kind enough to pad the envelope a little. 

The Martinez is the one I claimed. The rest are parallels. In the note he sent along, he made mention about me not being too keen on parallels. 
It is true I don't chase parallels down, but I will accept them. 

The Peter Bergeron is a 2000 Prism numbered to 480
The Fullmer Rookie is numbered to 3999
The Sweet Spot Classics Carter is one I've never seen before. 
The Stevens Stadium Club Chrome is a refractor
It looks brighter in the scan than it is in hand. 
The Archives Carter is shiny and numbered to 199
The three Jays are the Diamond Anniversary parallels from that year..

Thank you Jon!!


  1. That GOTG card of El Presidente is awesome. Love that set.

  2. I looked up "generous" in the dictionary, and there was Jon's picture!

    1. He said that since I claimed only one card he wanted to send more. Make the postage worthwhile etc.. lol

  3. The bottom row is!

    1. Indeed.. The player does kind of pop from the background in the scan, I think.