Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Big Fun Game Prizes and Other Things

Over the past few months I've taken part in Matt's Big Fun Game on Johnny's Trading Spot. 
Twice I remembered and was able to take part.. One time I forgot and got a consolation prize.

The first time I took part was in May. This was what I received. A Baseball Greats Bing Miller and a 2014 Josh Tomlin. 

The second one I took part in was in June.. I forgot about it completely, so I received these as a consolation prize. A couple Honus Bonus cards. 

I took part in this month's and when I saw one of the cards, I was hoping I'd get to hold onto it.. And sure enough, that Maury Wills Expos card from 2019 Archives reached my grubby little paws. Very happy to get that one card.. 

Speaking of Archives, I had a little extra money lying around so I decided to buy a box of Archives from last year and a box of 2020 Big League. The main thing I want to show are a couple cards I got from Archives. 

Ken Hill autograph! I was so happy to see that one of the two autographs I got out of the box was something I wanted. Normally I get things like Laz Diaz.. 
Wil Cordero also makes an appearance here. 

The other autograph I got out of the box was Gorman Thomas. Obviously I don't collect Brewers, so I'm looking to find a good home for Stormin' Gorman.. And really.. If someone wants the Laz Diaz, I'll gladly give that up too.. 


  1. I'm not a Brewers fan either. But the auto Gorman Thomas is a respectable winner of this round.

  2. I remember Ken from his Ranger days. The Gorman is good trade bait. Hope you can swap for an Expo!

  3. I was very happy to see Hill get an autograph in last year's Archives set. Him and Pedro helped the Expos to that awesome 1994 season. Shame we'll never know if they would have won it all.

    1. The only way is through things like Out of the Park..