Monday, July 13, 2020

Showing a Player Collection

I was talking on Twitter this morning with some people and somehow we came up on player collections. 
One of the things said was "I'm tired of seeing the same players 1000 times" 
I jokingly said "So what I'm hearing is to show off my Steve Wilson or Kirk McCaskill collections" 

The reply was to do it.. 

Another reply was they wanted to see McCaskill.. So here's what I have of him.. 
It's not in chronological order.. Probably won't be until I have all the cards. 

The reason I collect him is that he was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario. His father was playing hockey in Kapuskasing when he was born. 
I've read that he doesn't consider himself Canadian, as he was only here for a couple years. He considers himself an American born in Canada. He does hold Dual Citizenship however. 

So this is my Kirk McCaskill collection. I have plenty of other Canadians in my binder as well. Some only have a couple cards.. Some have a couple pages.. Some have 10+, it all depends. 

If you know a Canadian player you'd like to see what I have.. Put it in the comments and I'll do more of these


  1. Nice collection. Always interesting to know the story behind it, especially when it features an 'oddball' player. Most of us collect stars. My fave there is the minors' Pioneers.

    1. I do have some stars in my collection but most of the Canadians that played didn't last long, or didn't get much of a chance.
      For every Larry Walker there are 5 Steve Wilsons lol

    2. I could show Cleveland and Jenkins.. They will likely be my next couple.