Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Back to School... Back to Work... Back to Baseball

So today was the first day back to work for me, being a bus driver. The route is different this year, but a lot of the same kids. It wasn't too bad.. 

Speaking of September, Peter, Fan of Strawberry and Kruk, Hater of all things 1995 Fleer, and generally good guy to trade with, had a post where he had a stuff up for grabs.. He was getting ready to send the remainder off to charity, so he put a Last Call out.. 

I found a few I needed... 

I got them today.. 

Because I'm using my scanner as a table right now for stacks of cards, I just grabbed the card images from the TCDB... 

First is a Mike Thurman Four Sport card.
Thurman was an Expos draft pick, so he made his way to my collection..

1991 Fleer.. The Blinding Sun set... 
How appropriate that one of the cards is an Astros player?

1990 Fleer! One step closer...

Back when Triple Play was useful.. Though I think I like the 1993 set better, I had more access to the 1992 set... So that's what I collect. 

1992 Score.. It's a set I'm kinda sorta unofficially collecting. I like the set, but it's not one that I see myself completing.. 
Then again, I rarely see myself completing sets.. lol 

Finally, 1993 Fleer.. I love the 1992 and 1993 sets.. 

Thanks again, Peter!! The cards shall find a loving place in my collections. 

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