Sunday, September 24, 2017

Final Jays Home Game of 2017

Today was the final home game for the Jays in 2017.. 

Recently, the talk has been about how this may be the last games of Jose Bautista in a Jays uniform. There were a lot of fans at the game today cheer Bautista every time he showed up at bat or came near the ball. He also got a standing ovation from the fans when he was pulled in the 9th inning. 

If today was the final home game for Bautista, I wanted to show some of his cards I have in my collection.. 

The first couple are from the dark period known as the Angry Bird logo and uniform.. 
At the same time, those years held Bautista's biggest years, hitting 54 and 43 home runs in 2010-2011.

One from the update series where it's from the Home Run derby at the All Star Game.. 

The more familiar look, full beard and better uniform. 

Some others I like.. 

And of course, we have this one:

So, if today was the final game for Bautista in Toronto, it was a fun 10 years. 

Even better: The Jays beat the Yankees.. 

I've been thinking about a couple things I'd like to do on here, but I'm not sure.. One thing that interests me, for whatever reason, is uniform numbers.. Players wearing a certain number and who did better wearing that number.. 

I may start a series like that, most likely focusing on the Jays.. 

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  1. Very cool, unique idea. I'd look forward to that series, for sure.