Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Stack of Repacks Part 1

I recently bought 5 Dollarama repacks for $3 each So 80 cards * 5... 400 cards... 

Let's take a look at the first one.. 

As usual, the mix of 80s-2000s. 
I'll be figuring out what I need from these after I document them all here.. 

Frank White makes a couple appearances in this pack..

That Impact Kent Bottenfield is interesting.. 

 A couple rookie cards here. 
I think there's a few things telling me to start a 1989 Donruss set here.. lol 

Back to back Frank White cards... 
I'm the weirdo that likes the old Devil Rays colour gradient uniforms... 

I'm seriously thinking about keeping any minor league cards I get from these.. I mean, that Chiamparino doesn't fir my collections, but it's just cool to actually get something like that.. 
And if you look at it... Dante Bichette is impressed by it too.. lol 

I talk about liking the minor league cards above, then I get a Yankee minor leaguer and immediately want to get rid of it.. But that's more Because Yankees than anything else, really.. It still is a nice card. 

I have four more, plus a nice little surprise that came in the mail today.. I'll cover the surprise tomorrow, likely.. 


  1. A lot of old names and faces there. Particularly Dave Smith is looking an unhealthy shade of orange.