Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Cleaning

So going through my cards lately mainly to determine what  actually have anymore and ensure my lists are accurate on the TCDB, I've come across a few interesting cards..

In this case, I was sorting through 1991 Donruss. I'm 56 cards away from the set and 6 from the Bonus cards.

1991 Donruss Jack McDowell

I have an interest in the cards showing throwback style uniforms. I don't actively collect them, but I enjoy seeing them.. Really it's also why I love seeing minor league cards. 

Is it me, or do the backgrounds on these cards remind anyone else of the title screen of Saved by the Bell?

1991 Donruss Diamond Kings Roberto Alomar

Ahh Roberto Alomar before he was a Jay.. I think there's a little too much earth tones in this picture. Still, I love the Diamond Kings cards

1991 Moises Alou

Moises Alou close up in Busch Stadium.. I remember that Busch had those arches around the top.. I don't recall too many of the other cookie cutter ones to.. Though, they very well could have..

1991 Tom Candiotti

Spring Training photo from the early 90s of a knuckle ball pitcher showing the knuckle ball grip.. By the end of 1991 he would be in Toronto trying to bolster for a playoff run.. Stinkin' Twins..

1991 Dennis Lamp

One thing about looking at these cards is trying to figure out the location. From this card, I can tell it's on the road.. Likely during batting practice.. The problem is I think this could be one of a few places..

I want to say it could be Oakland, but I don't know if Citizens Bank had branches out there.. 

1991 Rudy Seanez

Rudy Seanez. I didn't realize he bounced around so much in his career.. For example, he played for the Padres in 1993, 2001, 2005 and 2006.. From 2001 to 2006 he finished the season in a different organization than he started... 

1991 Pete Incaviglia

I don't recall if I mentioned it before, but here's the man who is the reason draft picks cannot be traded for a year after signing a contract..

Incaviglia was drafted by the Expos.He wanted to be in the Majors immediately. The Expos felt he would be better suited for minor league duty for a while. Now, back when he was drafted, he couldn't do what JD Drew did and sit out the year and play Independent ball.. He could sit out, but that's a year of development lost. So he demanded a trade if he signed.. The Expos agreed and sent him to Texas. 
They did and MLB decided that it didn't help competition for teams to trade their picks, so they put forth the rule now called the Incaviglia Rule.

1991 John Cerutti

Another road game warm up in what I can guess is Oakland.
1991 Mike Boddicker
It's nice to see a card with a press conference rather than airbrushing the new uniform on an old picture. 

1991 Matt Young
Looks like almost the same spot as Dennis Lamp, no?

1991 Bud Black

I've seen this a few times in O Pee Chee cards. This gets confusing though if you're not looking at the logo. 


  1. Oh nice, I like how they let the arm patch on Boddicker's card stand in for the printed logo. Even in 1991 Donruss there is something new to see.

    1. It took a couple times looking to notice that. It's a nice touch

  2. 1991 Donruss was one of those sets I started out with when collecting as a kid - never did get the set until a couple years ago when I bought the boxed set (at $4 I should have just skipped getting packs the 20 some years ago) and last year I finally completed the Bonus Card set separately as well. It's funny, the two cards that stand out for me from the set, you put here - Boddicker and Black. Boddicker I noticed the sleeve use for the logo right away and always wondered why they didn't just slap the logo overtop anyway. Black, the Giant logo is just so out of place on the card it stands out.

    1. I think if they put the logo in on the Boddicker it'd be alright, but I like the fact they let the photo speak for itself. The Black simultaneously makes me happy Donruss didn't airbrush and annoyed they just didn't make the card a Black Blue Jay.. lol