Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Old and New

Another trade post :)

I made a trade with a member on the Trading Card Database earlier and am now getting into posting those cards.




First some 2015 base I needed. A bunch of Jays and a couple Canadians featured. John Axford and Justin Morneau with a couple of Axford's teammates.


Now some 2014 Update. Juan Francisco spent one season in Toronto and spent last season in Japan.
Aaron Sanchez bounced between starting and relieving. I think they want him as a starter this year.

And now the old. Two Expos cards from 1969. Jose "Coco" LaBoy was one of the first characters in a franchise known for characters. Wicker spent 1969 with Montreal before going to Milwaukee and San Francisco.

Dan McGinn played from 1968-1972. His only season with an ERA under 5 was 1969.
Carl Morton played from 1969-1976, playing in Montreal until 1972 when he went to Atlanta.

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