Sunday, September 6, 2020

2016-2019 Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame

 We finish off the look at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame cards (until next year when they get new ones released.. Assuming the COVIDpocalypse isn't still a thing) 


One of 10 pitchers to win 100 games in both the AL and NL

Worked in many capacities for the Jays over 40 years
Has an award named after him for 
Blue Jays Employee of the Year “who best exemplifies the values of integrity, innovation, accountability, team work and a passion for winning.”

He was the first Jay to win the Cy Young award

He was a broadcaster for the Jays from 1977-1990
Was one of the first broadcasters to talk to production about camera angles, etc. 

Founded Baseball Canada's Junior National team
Also founded the National Baseball Institute

Organized Canada's first formal baseball team


Won Gold at the Pan Am Games.. At home this time 

Was the first Non-American to umpire at the Little League World Series

Served as president of Baseball Canada for 16 years
Founded the Women's National Team

Considered Toronto his home away from home. 
Roy's son considers himself Canadian. 

Probably one of the best players to ever play for the Expos. 


Played 10 seasons with the Jays and returned in coaching and ambassador work after retirement. 

Started his dominance with the Expos. 
Dedicated the 2004 Series win in Boston to the Montreal fans. 

The only Canadian to serve on the Board of Directors for SABR
Is acknowledged as Canada's premier baseball historian. 


Worked in many capacities in the Jays front office from 1977-2001. 
Was General Manager from 1994-2001
Worked with the Brewers after leaving the Jays

Started in the Expos organization before being traded to the Mets, then the Padres, before making it to Pittsburgh. 

Has been coaching since 1988
Managed three games for the Yankees in Joe Girardi's absense.

Won a World Series with the Red Sox in 2013. 


  1. That fact about El Presidente is pretty cool. Hadn't heard that before.

  2. That’s a cool set. I can appreciate that as I collect Syracuse Baseball Wall of Fame cards and the Halliday card would make a nice addition! Enjoy!