Friday, September 4, 2020

2007-2010 Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame

 In the interest of getting this series over with I'm going to combine years again


He lead the 1991 Canadian Junior team to Baseball Canada's only ever Gold Medal

He was a player for the Senators and Philadelphia A's. 
He has an award named after him in the Twins organization. 

Played 10 years in Canada between Montreal and Toronto. 
First started his managerial career in Toronto for the Maple Leafs. 


He had the misfortune of being trapped in the Dodgers minor league system when they had dominant pitching. 

Coached many years in Manitoba. Worked at getting the Jays to play an exhibition game against the National team in Winnipeg. 

He was a driving force behind the formation of TSN in Canada. 

2008 also had Tony Fernandez as an inductee but the Hall was out of his card.. 


Volunteered at local, provincial and national levels for 40 years

Played for the Jays for years, managed in the system for 12 years, and managed the National team 

Once the ceremony happens, will be the second Canadian enshrined in Cooperstown. 

After his playing career attended U of T and became a doctor. 


He was a statistician for the Dodgers for many years. 

Was the nephew of Clark Griffith and the brother of Sherry Robertson.

His longest tenure with one team was the Jays
Father of Cal Quantrill

Came to Toronto in "The Trade" 
One of two players to have his number retired by the Jays. 


  1. I might not have recognized Lasorda... but I was able to recognize a young Sparky.