Tuesday, September 15, 2020

1984 Stuart Montreal Expos

 I bought these on ebay a while back and completely forgot about them.. Then they showed up in the mail today..

I'm talking about the 1984 Stuart Bakery Montreal Expos team set. 

Stuart was a bread company in Montreal started in 1896. 

It merged with other bakeries in 1911 to become Canada Bread. They also had a biscuit factory that was eventually bought out by Vachon in 1979. 


In the early 80s they sponsored the printing of team sets for the Montreal Expos. I found a full set of the 1984 for a decent price and bought them. 

I already had 12 in my collection (I didn't remember having that many) but they count towards the million!

Here's the checklist card. It's actually card 40 out of the 40.. They're numbered on the back. 

The backs are normal for a Canadian issue, French and English on the back, but with it being a Quebec issue, French comes first. 

Your 1983 All Stars!

Felipe was with the Expos for a Long time. As a player, coach, or manager, I believe it was 27 years. 

The Kid smiling

Galen Cisco is an interesting case.. I think he's one of the few to have coached for both the Jays and Expos. He was the pitching coach for the World Series teams in Toronto. 

Greg Harris in his first stint with the Expos. His second one they actually let him pitch Lefty. 

Pete Rose as an Expo. 
Still looks weird. 

He was apparently first unveiled in 1979. Now, of course, he's with the Montreal Canadiens. 


  1. This is a really neat set, I like the clean look and the logo. I'd never seen them until researching my All-Time Teams series and promptly added a few to my wantlist.

  2. The Rose weirdness might be my favorite card here. Maybe the Dawson action shot.

  3. That is a solid design for a team set - very nice.

  4. Gorgeous set. Love the colors... the Rose... and of course... Youppi!

  5. I'll second Joe. Solid design.
    I love regional issues like this, and have never seen them before.

  6. Replies
    1. They are nice.. I think I got them for $20 CDN on ebay..