Monday, June 1, 2020

2004 Grandstand Vermont Expos

I figured today I'd show another Vermont Expos set. This time it's 2004. 
This time was the final team under the Montreal Expos banner.. As we all know, the team moved from Montreal to Washington, in part to MLB's love affair with having a team in DC. Part also goes to Jeffrey Loria. There is also part going to the other people in the Expos ownership group that refused to put money in, but that's a story for another day...

Anyway.. Let's take a look at the people who made this team

AJ Wideman is a Canadian that played on this team. He didn't make the Majors, but he did end up spending time in the Jays organization after two seasons in the Expos'. 

Jim Henderson was the other Canadian born player on this team. He actually did spend time in the Majors. 

Luke Montz made the majors. He played 23 games total between Washington and Oakland. 

There was a quick look at the 2004 team.. 
I like these cards. They look really nice. I also like the back of the cards.. 

While it doesn't have stats, it does have a little write up and shows the player's uniform number. 

depending on how things go, next will likely be the 2003 Grandstand set.. 


  1. But seriously, you're super collecting Phil Shelzo now, right?

    1. It may seem that way, but no. lol
      I have 7 of the 19 cards he's been on.