Monday, June 22, 2020

2002 Grandstand Vermont Expos

Today is the 2002 Grandstand set. 
The 2002 Vermont Expos went 30-45 for the season
So who made up this team??

Again, standard Grandstand look. I actually really like the look of these from year to year. 

Here's the back of a card.
For some reason, I thought he made the Majors.. But I guess he didn't. 

This picture is interesting.. I almost feel like the cropping makes this look weird.. Is he helping a pitcher with a grip? Is his other arm made of rubber? 

Dave Barnett was the manager for the team. 

I will admit, the first time I saw this, I thought it was Fielder.. 

Here's the front of the Larry Broadway card.. 
Now.. Can I just draw attention to the uniforms? 
I know the Expos colours are red white and blue... 
But.... Why is the US flag theme in the Expos script? 

Here's a closer look at what I mean.. 

We have a Canadian on the team. French Canadian even!

So of the players on this team, 4 made the Majors..
Jason Bergmann
Mike Hinckley
Mike O'Connor
Darrell Rasner

The Baseball Cube mistakenly has Brian Anderson making the Majors as well. but it's a different Brian Anderson. 

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