Sunday, June 21, 2020

2003 Grandstand Vermont Expos

Today I want to show off the 2003 Grandstand Vermont Expos set I purchased from the Vermont Lake Monsters site

Who made up this band of merry misfits that went *checks notes* 19-56?
Of the guys that made up this set, two played in the Majors. 

I have some Upper Deck of this guy. 

Dave Barnett was the manager for this team. 2003 was his last year managing. 

Jerry Owens had 129 games in the Majors over 4 seasons. 

Kory Casto spent 82 games in the Majors with the Washington NotTheSpos. 

As with the other Grandstand sets I covered, I really like the look of these. I think I have one or two more Grandstand before I have something else.. 

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