Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Some New Expos

I have a person on Facebook that connects with me every so often with a batch of Expos for sale. 
I recently bought the stack he's had for me for a while. I received it today. 

A bunch of it was 90 Donruss and thus added to the duplicate pile numbers for the Project, but he also sent me a number of 1973 Topps.. 

A nice grouping here of cards. 
I like that Boots Day card. The Marshall is a victim of airbrushing.. 
I like that Gene Mauch card and the coaches. 
Something interesting on that Mauch card is this: 
For the coaches it says "Years in OB" 
I imagine that means Organized Baseball.. 
One of the coaches was Larry Doby. 

I figured I'd just scan the front and back to show it better.. 

The last two cards I got that I needed were Ron Woods and Jose Laboy. I'm not sure where the Laboy photo was taken. 

With these cards, I now am four away from having the team set completed. 

576: Expos Team
592: John Boccabella
606: Gary Matthews/Tom Paciorek/Jorge Roque
607: Pepe Frias/Ray Busse/Mario Guerrero

Also, if anyone happens to have card 104: Reggie Cleveland that you're willing to part with, I'd appreciate it as well. 


  1. Didn't realize Larry Doby has an Expos card. Heck... I didn't even realize that he coached for them. Very cool.

    1. Doby is also featured on the Mauch 1974 card.. Or his disembodied head is, anyway...

  2. Boots Day was the first-ever batter at Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium, in 1971.