Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Changes to the Frankenset

With the last brick of Expos cards I received, I was able to go through and update the Frankenset.. 

While I did that I also made a few changes to cards.. I'll cover those tonight..

I changed out the Foli for that 1970 John Boccabella at the 19 spot. 

I subbed in this John Strohmayer for the Galarraga. I figured a little less School Bus yellow might be ok in the binder. This was 232

Card 303 is now the 1999 Ryan McGuire. I kind of like the action fielding shot in the McGuire card. 

Card 332 is now the 1970 Bobby Wine card. Nothing against Tomas de la Rosa, but the Wine card is more interesting to me.. 

Card 341 is now the 1977 Joe Kerrigan. 
I just like the 1977 design. 

Card 379 is that Lee Smith Score card.. 
Hall Of Famer will trump the 90s Stadium Club design anytime.. 

Card 387 is a 1999 Chris Widger now.. I like the action shot over Nixon looking like he wants to devour my soul.. 

Card 398 is now the 1970 Bill Stoneman. I'll go with the guy who threw a no hitter for the Expos. 

Card 476 was empty until I got this 1992 Fleer DeShields. 

Card 478 was also empty until I received this 1992 Fleer Mike Fitzgerald

Card 491 was empty until I received this 1999 Fleer Tradition Jeremy Powell. 

Card 564 was empty. It's now a 1993 Bowman Miguel Batista. 

Card 616 was empty until I got this 1993 Donruss Pete Young. 

Card 714 is now that 1993 Tim Spehr. I like the design of the 1993 Topps cards over the 1990 cards.. 

Finally, Card 736 was empty until I received this 1993 Upper Deck Archi Cianfrocco. 
The 1993 set was probably my favourite set..

As I get more cards, I will keep looking through and updating.. 


  1. 1993 Upper Deck is a fantastic set. I'm indifferent about the 1970 Topps set but it's great to see some early Expos - especially Bo-ca Bel-la! ;)

  2. 1993 Upper Deck is definitely one of my favorite sets in regards to photography. The Archi Cianfrocco is no exception.

    1. One of my absolute favourite photos is Casey Canadele's card.