Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Now With: 1992 OPC Part 2

There were a fair number of them so I broke it into two parts.. Here's part two!

How: Traded for Bob Melvin
1992 represented Davis' second stint with the O's

How: Traded with Willie Greene and Dave Martinez for Bill Risley and John Wetteland

I really miss those old Expos uniforms.

How: Signed as a free agent.
Was the Jays' first 20 game winner. 

How: Traded with Bret Saberhagen to the Mets

He played one season with the Mets before finishing his career with two seasons in Atlanta.

How: Traded for Ken Hill

1991 was a horrible year for Galarraga, and with prospects at First Base, the Expos traded for pitching. Of course, we know Andres had a revival in Colorado.

How: Part of the Von Hayes trade

He is, of course, better known as being the GM of the Phillies. 

How: Signed as a Free Agent
Morgan pitched for 12 teams over his career, including the Jays. 

How: Signed as a Free Agent.

He was born in Kapuskasing Ontario. He was drafted in the 1981 NHL Entry Draft as well, playing for the Jets farm team. 

How: Traded for Dale Sveum

His son, Chance, pitched in the Majors from 2011-2014. 

How: Part of the Scott Ruskin trade

Those white uniforms with the racing stripes were great.

How: Signed as a free agent

He played until 2000 but I don't remember this guy.

How: Selected on waivers

He was released in Spring Training by the Reds. He signed in April of 1992 with Boston.

How: Signed as a Free Agent

He played Three Games for the Twins in 1992

How: Traded for Darrin Fletcher

How: Traded with Eric Davis for Tim Belcher and John Wetteland

He spent from 1994-1998 in Japan, playing for the Nippon Ham Fighters

How: Signed as a Free Agent

He was released by the Angels in May and finished the season with the Phillies. 

How: Part of the Bill Swift trade

It was rather interesting seeing a Michael Jackson playing baseball at the same time as a Michael Jackson was releasing music. 

How: Part of the Kenny Lofton trade

I remember him more as an Astro anyway 

How: Traded for Dave Gallagher

Hubie was an Expo at one time. By time I got into baseball, he was an Angel.

How: Traded for Bruce Ruffin

I always had fun trying to figure out how to say his name until I actually heard it. 

How: Traded for Domingo Mota and Chris Gwynn

Honestly, those Royals uniforms are rather nice as well..

I've got one more post out of this, then I have a couple acquisitions to cover. 

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  1. That Hubie Brooks card is my favorite. You can see another Mets player rounding first, as well as the small scoreboard just above in foul territory. Looks like it was either an extra-base hit or a home run.