Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A Purchase

I made a purchase on Twitter from Jenny's Baseball Cards, @JennyMiller521

I've made purchases from her before and never had a problem. This time there was a little delay in receiving because of an address issue, but since those things happen, I wasn't worried. Let's look at what I got!

She had some cards from the 70s this time around, so I saw Expos and pounced. Anything to help with my Million Expos.. The top 5 cards in this image were needs, the others are Project Needs. 

I love minor league cards. Absolutely love them. A bunch of Myrtle Beach Blue Jays cards here. 

Barry Foote played for the Expos in the 70s, managed in the Jays system in the 80s. 
It's odd being Patrick Hentgen. 
Vince Horsman is Canadian. 

Lindsay Foster ended up playing for the Thunder Bay Whiskey Jacks in 1994. 
We also have some James Paxton cards. 

I believe the last 5 cards in this picture are the extras she threw in because of an issue we had with delivery. 

Thank you very much Jenny! Will definitely transact with you again..